Captain Cook

The elderly have a wealth of knowledge and life experience to offer society. Students are young and vibrant, inexperienced yet keen learners. Captain Cook brings these unlikely two together in a fun, friendly and educational environment, closing the age gap. These tradition bending cooking classes will be a great social interaction for the elderly and an opportunity for students to learn valuable life skills. Captain Cook was named both as a throwback to Australia’s history and as a shameless pun. If you attend enough classes, you might just become a Captain of Cookery.

Playful and contemporary, simple and memorable, the design draws inspiration from social interaction. Sharing of knowledge is represented with lines connecting the letters. And their placement reflects either the order or havoc of the kitchen.

The website was designed to be user friendly for the elderly whilst still being contemporary for young eyes. It’s one page with all of the information you need. To be clear and concise, the entire site is set in large type. To keep interest and for some memorable interaction, the illustrations in the background have parallax scrolling, they move and rotate at different rates as you scroll up and down the page.

The letterforms are graphic representations of the brand in their own right and lend themselves to many applications. Initially stamps will be used on name cards, recipes and notes to be cost effective, hands on and memorable. As the enterprise grows, money could be invested in magnets or stickers to be used more extensively.

Captain Cook will first reach out to community groups and cooking clubs to find potential teachers with exceptional recipes. Students will be informed at universities and cafes around Melbourne along with marketing via social media platforms. The classes will begin as a series of pop-ups in various locations around Melbourne. Each class will showcase one recipe to a group of students, each paying $20 for attendance and their finished meal. Their fee would cover venue hire, ingredients and fund the elderly in attendance. After these experiments of social interaction, the classes will expand into a more casual and sharing environment where three elderly people can rotate through the class offering feedback and advice as students tackle a recipe of their choosing.

If these pop-ups are a success and turn a profit, Captain Cook could find a more temporary space where the young and old can socialise and share recipes, stories and experience. Other potential avenues for the future could be a Captain Cook Book where recipes and directions from the classes could be published and sold to fund more classes. Reality Television could be another avenue where the social interactions in each class could be filmed. Captain Cook would have a high entertainment value and the reach of television would be great exposure for the enterprise.


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