Collingwood Arts Precinct

The Collingwood Arts Precinct will be a place welcoming, supportive and inclusive of the surrounding community. A place which breeds creativity and collaboration, welcoming artists from all walks of life and disciplines.

Graffiti and vandalism are accessible outlets for creative expression and can be seen in great presence throughout Collingwood. They are an evolution in themselves and a creative collision between artists and their public. I was inspired by de-facing in particularly and the interactive nature of vandalism to produce something juvenile and charming. Something to re-ignite youth in the community and in turn, creativity. I wanted the identity to be engaging for creative expression with inviting, cheeky humour.

The application of the identity system can be very flexible and welcoming to experimentation but there are a few recommendations for best practice. Black text on white looks great and wears very nicely, also giving creative vandals a clean surface to express their graffiti. Words look great set large and full bleed leaving plenty of white space below or above. Grit and dirt are fantastic, embrace flaws and nurture creativity; perfection, mistakes and all!

Directly inspired by the Art Deco architecture of the building itself, I chose Mostra Nuova. And, in the same vein as vandalism, I decided to tamper with the placement of the letters and design a version of the font with more flaws and character. The identity was designed to be adaptable across all medias and as the system is in essence, a black custom font on white, there is plenty of room to play. This temporary promotion of the Precinct was designed to be refreshing and memorable in it's novelty and will live as long as the posters remain on the walls around Collingwood.


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