Award School


Q: Why are you applying for this course?
A: (above illustration)

Product: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones
Goal: Get people to use Sony headphones for noise cancelation.
Proposition: Hear nothing but your music.
Solution: References Beethoven and his deafness.

Product: Spotify
Goal: Get people to use Spotify on their phone, tablet or computer
Proposition: Listen to any song, any time
Solution: References Taylor Swift boycotting the service.

Product: Listerine Mouth Wash
Goal: Encourage people to use Listerine mouthwash daily
Proposition: Gives you fresh breath and kills bacteria brushing alone can’t

Media: Digital
Single-minded proposition: The best way to track your fitness.
Solution: Trolley tracker, rewarding everyday exercise. Distance travelled while shopping will be deducted off your final bill.

Banana Boat Sunscreen
Media: Poster/Outdoor
Single-minded proposition: Spend more time in the sun.
Solution: Outside, looking in.

Alcohol and Violence Awareness
Media: Digital
Single-minded proposition: One punch can kill.
Solution: NO RESET. On a demo version of the new GTA game, where violence is rewarded, after some game-play you’re hit with a coward punch out of nowhere. There is no RESET button, you’re dead.

In most cases when a punch lands someone in hospital with a serious brain injury, it is the fall to the ground that does the most damage. A fall that causes someone to hit their head on concrete without bracing themselves can have devastating effects on the brain. This is where alcohol poses a serious risk in one-punch-can-kill situations as alcohol inhibits a person’s natural reflexes to break their fall.

McDonald’s Create Your Taste
Media: Integrated (3 different media or more, linked with a core idea)
Single-minded proposition: Create your ultimate gourmet burger.
Solution: SAME TASTE. An extension of Create Your Taste. Create your ultimate burger and find your perfect match. You can register after creating your burger & anyone who orders the same thing will be matched. You can connect with that person via Facebook.


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