Discomute is an event to bring literature and music together in an immersive and interactive way. It will be a silent disco where songs are split into music and lyrics—separated through noise cancelling headphones and speakers throughout the lane. When music and lyrics are split they manifest and take on a new form. With headphones off, only the lyrics resonate throughout the lane, juxtaposed with people dancing, interpreting the music through movement. With headphones on, only the music is heard—without the lyrics, the song becomes a different being. This contrast should be elevated as a shared, immersive, strange and memorable experience.

For the identity of literature lane I chose the very traditional and common typesetting font Minion to physically ground the identity in literature. Only, I’ve used a ‘swash alternative’ within the font for the e—it’s reaching out beyond itself, a seed just sprouting and very musical in it’s form. Body text is presented lowercase and centred throughout to be cohesive and to represent the blend between music, disco (left) and literature, mute (right). The identity for discomute was to showcase the strong contrast between music and literature on far sides of the spectrum. I’ve used a bold difference in scale, vivid colour, playfulness and pattern of sound to illustrate this. Minion takes on an entirely new identity here, far out of it’s comfort zone. The lo-fi approach was taken to be cost effective and to reference local band posters that look tastefully scrappy on the street.

The simple Discomute website will act as a landing page for social media unveiling only the essential details and concept of the event. It will feature interactive rollovers showcasing the split between music and lyrics. Hover left, music plays and background image is the risographed pattern. Hover right, the music and background image disappears and only lyrics play.

Posters were printed on a risograph for it’s warmth, vivid colours and characterful processing texture. They’re designed to be adaptable, to age gracefully on the walls and to be cost effective in production. To remain cost effective in production flyers and tickets are cut from a3 sheets using the same risographed pattern as the posters. This gives variety in composition yet ties all printed media into a cohesive identity.


Disco Mute, Captain Cook, Invisible Ink, Ding Ding, Mantle, Migration Advisory, Face Forward, Collingwood Arts Precinct, Mullco, Alchemical Traditions Finding the Sunshine & My Photography Practice.