Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink is a series of critical essays about book typography. I wanted to present something progressive and contemporary in my design and reflect the playful and experimental nature of designers new to the industry. The cover was designed to question the title itself. Is ink/type invisible? Should it be? Different essays have different answers to these questions and there is no definitive answer. I decided to present these questions graphically by blocking out letters and revealing the word VISIBLE within the title—the full title being unveiled underneath. This blocking was carried throughout the chapter titles giving each essay plenty of space to breathe.

A major feature, the backbone of my design is the very graphic and musical indents. I am presenting type as an illustration here and these stairs of type lead the reader throughout the book, stepping through different levels of insight. All other design features hang off of these prominent paragraph indents. The thin margins and large, open type were chosen to accentuate the graphic nature of the stairs and these left vast amount of vertical space.

Setting the author and chapter titles large, capitalised and vertically within the space gave a dynamic contrast to the body text. Folios, chapter titles and the cover share the same format, urging the reader to flip through the book sideways, forcing a different perspective for the reader. Sideways and just glanced over when flipping through, the body of text becomes even more convincing as stairs. The unjustified, left alignment renders the sharp surface of steps and the ragged lines show a fading gradient of colour reminiscent of a soft shadow. References gave me an opportunity to render text as an image even further with very small capitalised type and allowed three bold steps of type size to be shown on the same page.

My design overall was to present typography as a form of illustration, being both very practical and readable yet blending the border between type and image. A small format coffee table book that expands your knowledge and understanding of typography and book design.


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