I began making pictures to document and study interesting light for my design practice. It wasn't long until my photography became a practice on it's own, an expression and means of exploring, appreciating my surroundings. I find beauty in flaws and character, and favour feel more than function. I'm drawn to interesting light and it's interaction with different surfaces, different shadows. When looking back through my experiences and the time I pressed that shutter for that frame, I'm transported back through me, back to the feeling, a dream, a distortion—I'm not sure what I'm searching for in my work but I know I am hooked on the feeling.

This website is a snippet of my work as scans but my expression continues in print. I love to experiment with different printing methods and find ways of expressing my work further through publication design and exhibition. My work ultimately is something to hold, feel and share. For any enquiries, say , darkroom and archive pigment-ink prints are available along with some limited, hand-made publications.

All images on this website were shot with 35mm film and scanned full frame without manipulation © Dan Higgins.